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Confused on where to start in the lighting category? The Race Sport® Lighting Starting Lineup zeros in on the top selling core Race Sport® Lighting products. Providing you everything you need to know to stock and sell the products that move at NO COST.


Dealers with Displays Sell More Lights. Period.

Dealers Take Pride in Their Showrooms When we speak to dealers across the country, it becomes evident quickly that dealers all take pride in their showrooms. Maybe you’re the “Epic-Lounge” guy with the stellar VIP waiting area featuring the latest extravagances like a 4k big screen television, Keurig coffee station and mom’s old leather sectional. Or maybe you're the...

LUMEN vs LUX: The Lighting Industry’s Biggest Lie

Before Lumen and Lux, there was RMS confusion Do you remember PPI Art Series amplifiers for mobile audio? As you may recall, the RMS watt rating that was on the package is what you got. Then the market started changing. Overseas factories raced to have the lowest cost highest RMS rated amps as possible and we discovered that...

Projector Lens vs. Non-Projector Lens – What to use

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cExiGeiUOPo&t=15s For 2  years, we have been preaching and educating dealers on what is the best technology to use in projector headlight lenses. Outfitting your consumers vehicles with the absolutely best technology for their car is the key to a happy and safe driving customer. The ultimate goal is to make sure each care that leaves the dealers install...