For 2  years, we have been preaching and educating dealers on what is the best technology to use in projector headlight lenses. Outfitting your consumers vehicles with the absolutely best technology for their car is the key to a happy and safe driving customer. The ultimate goal is to make sure each care that leaves the dealers install bay has the best performing lighting technology possible, and will last a long time on the road with out premature failures that will end them back at the store for unnecessary warranty replacements.

As we talked with dozens of dealers at the SEMA show 2018, it became evident that the central issue that needed to be addressed is that despite our education on projectors the last 2 years, more education needed to take place. We need a campaign that brought clarity to this topic and helped dealers with their forward lighting business to be more successful. When a customer walks on your sales floor and is looking for lighting upgrades, the first question that should be answered is what type of lens do they have on their vehicle? So here we go, Projectors vs. Non-Projectors, and which technology is best to use in each.

When the customer has projector lenses, ALWAYS use HID technology upgrade kits, period! Listen, Projectors were made in conjunction with HID kits, and make for them to thrive  in a focused and long casting beam fashion. Projectors were not designed for LED technology, and LED technology came some time after the design of the projector.  Here is the core advantages of installing HID in the projector headlights:

  • HID technology is the perfect technology for the projector design.
  • The operating temperature of the HID bulbs inside the projector are perfect, and the performance or longevity of the bulbs is not effected by the small entrapped space of the projector.
  • The beam pattern of HID kits in a projector is the perfect forward light.
  • Projectors are design to add additional distance to the HID technology, much more than halogen bulbs can put out. Providing the driver additional sight and vision down the road.

The same advantages of HID in projectors, are also the disadvantages of the LED technology when put in projectors.

  • LED technology is NOT the perfect lighting technology for the projector design.
  • The small entrapped space of the projector creates an environment that high power diodes have much shorter life expectancy than they would if they were operating outside of the projector. LED headlights produce a lot of heat on the diodes already, and it gets much higher when here is minimum room in the lens for the diodes to breath and work within their ideal operating temperature range. Expect premature failure of any LED kits that are installed in projectors.
  • Kiss a perfect beam pattern good bye within projector headlights. LEDs by design are impossible to have a perfect spherical light output. There will always be a line, shadow, or some malfunction in the beam pattern that is usually disruptive to night time driving safety.
  • Projectors do a poor job of casting the light output of LED headlight bulbs. Again, they were designed and made perfect for HID technology. So expect less light cast down the road with LED technology. Matter of fact, I have seen many cases were halogen bulbs can outperform the LED kits in a projector lens.

That’s the core reasons to use HID technology 100% of the time in projector housings. Don’t let any company fool you into saying their LED kits are projector complaint! LOL… What a joke. Almost 99% of the time you hear that, it is because those companies are either foolish and don’t have a test lab and on-road testing to prove otherwise, OR because they don’t offer HID technology options, and don’t want to loose the sale. Do yourselves and your customer a favor, and always use HID technology on projector headlights. Our recommendation is our GEN6® HID CANBUS functional Kits, which our 99.9% plug-n-play, with the ultimate performance and durability, and boast a lifetime warranty!


Check out our part 2 of this BLOG when we discuss the Non-Projector lens options. To be continued….

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