3n1 Automotive Protection Kit for Installers, Porters & Techs

Does Your Business Service Vehicles?

3n1 Automotive Protection Kit

Does your business service vehicles? Keep your porters, installers and technicians protected from potentially contaminated surfaces with Race Sport Lighting’s 3n1 automotive protection kit. Having a protective barrier between your employees and a potentially contaminated surfaces within the vehicles they are servicing, is a simple and effective way to lower employee exposure to bacteria and viruses.

Slipcovers for the Common Contact Surfaces

This kit features a recyclable slipcover for common contact surfaces of the vehicle. Race Sport Lighting’s kit includes a protective cover for the steering wheel, gear shifter and driver’s seat. To shield the surface, simply stretch the elastic band of the steering wheel and shifter knob cover out over the mechanism. The driver seat cover has a pouch on the back that you simply slip over the headrest. Drape the rest of the cover over the seat. Boom. Protected.

Give your customers peace of mind by making Race Sport Lighting’s 3n1 automotive protection kit a part of your vehicle intake procedures. Slip on the covers at the being of service, and then remove them when handing the keys back to your customer. Protection really is that simple.

Stock 3n1 Automotive Protection Kits

3n1 Automotive Protection Kit

Race Sport Lighting’s vehicle protection kits are the perfect solution when looking to protect employees and give peace of mind to customers. Stock the 3n1 today:

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