Upgraded Adhesive on LED Strip Lighting

Tape strip lighting

Upgraded Adhesive on LED Strip Lighting

Here at Race Sport Lighting we are pleased to announce that we have upgraded our adhesive on our LED strip lighting products. After some much appreciated feedback from our distributing partners we put our techs hard at work. They tried a few combinations and we can say with confidence we have the best adhesive on the market designed for the environments it is being used. Yep, no shame in our game. Out with the old in with the new.

So, what about…


Adhesive tapes should provide good performance in typical ambient temperatures from about 200 F down to -40 F and below, provided there is a good adhesive bond to the substrates. While we do not see low temperatures to be a limiting factor in most applications, we do suggest that a thorough evaluation be conducted by the end user at actual use conditions on applications where high impact stress is expected at low temperatures.


Tape maintained excellent performance in high humidity and high water contact conditions. Tape bonds showed excellent integrity and adhesion levels after submersion in water and salt water testing. Long term submersion or exposure to moisture or water submersion can have the effect of making the polymer more resilient and tolerant of high elongation.

UV rays?

Tape works as a safeguard from the harmful UV rays. It provides excellent UV resistance.

Achieving the Best Adhesion

  1. Check for surface contamination. The substrates must be clean and free of any contaminant. This is the most common cause of poor adhesion. Clean the surface with an alcohol pad or microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Adhere strip lighting by firmly pressing the tape between diodes. A controlled rolling pressure is recommended but be aware that too much pressure will negatively effect the diode.
  3. Install in environments that meet temperature regulations.
  4. Check for surface match. Are the two surfaces to be bonded a good match? Is the back of the component flat?
  5. Light surface abrasion typically increases adhesion levels significantly.