Basics of LED Lighting: LED Headlight Kits

LED Headlight Kits

Basics of LED Lighting: LED Headlight Kits

When it comes to LED lighting products not all are created equal. LED headlight kits are no different. In this blog series we want to help breakdown the basics of LED technology and highlight what sets Race Sport Lighting products apart. We will answer some of the most common questions and share downloadable sheets for your use as a Race Sport Lighting Dealer or Distributing Partner.

LED Headlight Kits

Race Sport Lighting’s LED headlight conversion kits are sure to give you enough light on or off the trails. These LED conversions are, in most cases, a plug and play lighting alternative to your usual incandescent headlight bulbs. We offer a range of LED kits to fit any headlight or fog light needs, all of which communicate properly with the CANBUS system in your vehicle to ensure that your after-market installation is quick and easy.

LED Headlight Kits

Solid Core

Race Sport LED kits feature solid aluminum or copper cores that run down into their fans or heat sinks for improved durability & heat dissipation.


Industry leading CREE LEDs provide exceptional light output and long life expectancy.

Heat Dissipation

Whether it’s our Generation 3’s low profile fan, or our fanless kit’s flexible heat sink, these kits offer superior heat dissipation.

Heavy Duty Connections

Keeping moisture and dust out of your kit’s connections is important. The heavy duty fully sealed connections offered on our kits keep your components clean and dry.

Low Profile Driver

Race Sport Lighting’s LED kits come in a variety of styles, offering you low profile drivers, in-line drivers, and even driverless options for tighter installations.

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