Marine Lighting Buyer’s Guide: Types of Boat Lights

Boat Lights

Boat lights, like most accessories on your boat, play both an indispensable and complementary role. They provide needed light for navigation, guide your boat guests safely on and off of the vessel, and they make your boat visible at night. They can be placed nearly everywhere on your boat, from mounted underwater to stationed on your console.

Marine Sport Lighting is a marine lighting manufacturer of LED boat lights and marine lighting fixtures. We created this short guide to explain the most common types of boat lights, what you need to know before purchasing, and examples of boat lights in each category. With this guide you will be armed with the product knowledge to make a stocking decision that makes the most sense for your customer base.

Underwater Boat Lights

Underwater marine LED lights have been rising quickly in popularity. The lights are especially popular among owners who travel and fish at night and need more visibility in the water than what’s provided with standard lighting. They are also a way to add elegance to your vessel.

Underwater boat lights can be surface mounted or mounted inside the hull of the boat. Marine Sport underwater boat lights are designed for marine use, forged from one-piece marine grade steel in order to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Marine Sport Lighting Underwater Lights

All of our underwater lights are high power with lumen outputs high enough to blast through many wake types, from clear to muddy. Our Underwater lights are made of 316 marine grade stainless steel and built to last in any fresh or saltwater environment. You can choose between drain plug styles, transom style pucks, or combo them together on the back of any marine craft.

Marine Sport Lighting Under-Deck Lights

Boat Lights

Our under-deck lighting systems are a great way to add either solid or RGB accent lighting in any area under a rear deck, pontoons, or other splashing areas. With an exceptional lumen output that makes them not only an accent light, but a functional light as well. Marine Sport Lighting’s Under-Deck lights are IP68 rated to perform in any climate.

Flood and Spreader Boat Lights

Most commonly mounted on a console and near navigation, flood and deck lights are used to illuminate dark areas in front of the boat. They are easy to install and maintain. Spreader lights are mounted to the spreaders on the mast of a sailboat and serve a similar purpose.

Marine Sport Lighting Auxiliary Lights

Boat Lights

Our square and round style auxiliary lights are perfectly applicable for flood, spreader and docking lights. They are IP67 rated, coated with a durable powder coat and anti-corrosive additional sealant for extra protection in saltwater environments. Marine Sport Lighting’s Auxiliary Lights feature High power CREE diode technology, to project extremely bright light in the areas of the boat where it is needed the most at night.

Marine Sport Lighting LED Light Bars

Boat Lights

All of our Marine Sport Lighting light bars are the highest quality in the industry and boast of extremely high Lumen output. Each light bar is a combo beam which give you the best of spot and flood beam patterns in one light bar. Like the Auxiliary spots, the light bars go through an anti-corrosive coating process after the powder coat process to protect them in severe saltwater environments. These light bars are backed by a lifetime warranty on the performance of the bars, and a 2-year warranty on the coating of the bars against corrosion.

Marine Sport Lighting Search Lights

Our dual mountable powered search light can swivel 360 degrees left and right, and 120 degrees up and down through the control of the RF remote. The high-power LED’s give you a maximum search area and distance. This is a great product type for any boat that navigates the dark waters at night.

Strip and Under Gunnel Boat Lights

Under gunnel boat lights come in strips and are often made in a flexible form. Marine Sport Lighting produces a wide variety of high-quality marine LED light strips for boats and yachts. Our LED strips are IP67 rated which means they can be used on the exterior and interior of your boat. Marine Sport LED strip kits come in solid or multi-color (RGB) options to cater to the style of your boat.

Weatherproof Accent LED Lights

Boat Lights

All of our marine accent lighting uses the highest quality 3M adhesive for maximum adhesion to many surface types for a durable hold. We use 5050 LED diodes for a bright and crisp color presentation. Our accent lights are a great way to add LED lighting in almost any area of the boat. Our accent lights are IP67, which means they can be heavily exposed to wet and moist environments, just not submersible.

LED Boat Navigation Lights

Collisions are a real danger of using your boat at night. Navigation lights help prevent night collisions when visibility is limited. Marine Sport Lighting offers high-quality LED replacement bulb for your existing navigation and anchor lights which increase safety via greater visibility.

LED Replacements for your Existing Fixtures

Our LED replacement bulbs are suitable for marine use. LED bulbs typically last thousands of hours more than stock halogens. Many dealer’s recommend customers to keep several on hand in the case that one needs to be replaced while they’re out on the water and visibility is minimal. Don’t let them get stuck in the dark.

LED Switches and Voltage Gauges for Boat Lights

LED switches permit you to quickly control the lights and other accessories on your boat. The illumination of the LEDs help you find the switch you need even at night.

Marine Sport Lighting Rocker Switches

Boat Lights

Our IP67 tested rocker switches have engraved logos that light up in either blue or white and can be placed in standard size rocker punch out locations. These products are a great way to add or replace switches and give your dash panel a more stylish look, while the illuminated logos make it easy to select and utilize your LED lighting on those dark nights on the water.

Marine Sport Lighting LED Voltage Meters

Boat Lights

Marine Sport Lighting voltage meters integrate into your dash or cluster panel to monitor any auxiliary power system on a boat. Whether that be audio, lighting, or other power drawing system. This product gives you control over any voltage drops in your system so you can address power demands sooner than later.

Stock Marine Sport Lighting

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