DemonEYE ColorSMART LED Headlight

Unleashing the DemonEYE ColorSMART LED Headlight

DemonEYE ColorSMART® LED Headlight We at Race Sport Lighting are pleased to "unleash" our brand new DemonEYE LED headlight kit. The DemonEYE is a part of our ColorSMART product series. ColorSMART technology utilizes Bluetooth to...

Change is Inevitable!

Change happens! We have been doing lighting for over 11 years and we understand the industry! Todays consumer's wants to be on the cutting edge in style and technology... we do both the best in...

2018 Tint World Franchise Dealer of the Year Award from Race Sport Lighting

Tint World Store #050 located at 4722 Sunrise Highway in Massapequa NY was honored by Race Sport Lighting as the ”2018 Tint World Franchise Dealer of the Year” Pictured...