Change is Inevitable!

Change happens!

We have been doing lighting for over 11 years and we understand the industry! Todays consumer’s wants to be on the cutting edge in style and technology… we do both the best in the industry! Let’s focus on light bars in this blog. Race Sport Lighting has 14 different light bar category’s currently and is always looking at the current trends. If its stealth or hidden we do it…. urban and rugged we do that too as well as “blacked out”  and “angel” we cover it all! Lets discuss the current styles available!

Stealth or Low profile

Some consumer’s want to be low key and not change the overall appearance of their vehicle. Our new “LoPRO is a slim line high power option for many of vehicle on the road today as well as power sports. This bar not only offers the bright beam but also a DRL that is amber and can be used as a turn signal or hazard light. We also carry a large selection of brackets to mount behind the grill or bumper! Another option for the stealth look is our premium heavy duty single rows. Named the “Stealth series” your getting a ton of power and quality in a little package backed by a lifetime warranty you cant go wrong!



Urban or Off-road/Rugged

In some cases the consumer goes all out and wants to make a statement! Well that’s what we do best is make a statement!! From our professional series to our RGB Chasing bars we will make you stand out in a crowd. Race Sport Lighting prides themselves on the highest quality for the price with customized professional service. We have vehicle specific kits for all major truck lines and jeeps as well as many extra add-on brackets to go all out! With our new easy to use fitment guide getting “Lit” has never been so easy! Check out our newly remodeled website by clicking the link!


Blacked Out (murdered) or Angel

Many people chrome delete and don’t want the hassle of cleaning off the mud, Perfect we got you! The newblacked out line carries amazing quality at a great price! Some want to go all white(Angel) yup got that covered too or go CAMO!!!! Race Sport Lighting regardless the project, the look or the vehicle has you covered!