Dealer’s Survey – Must Stock Marine Lighting

Marine Lighting

Marine season is upon us! Starting in late March until the end of April, boat enthusiasts across the country will be getting their vessels ready for a summer full of family fun. In this article our authorized Marine Sport Lighting dealer’s from across the country, tell us what the must-stock marine lighting products are.

Car-Tunes, inc.’s Must Stock Marine Lighting

“Custom RGB speaker rings first. Then I’d say interior lighting for the deck or hall. We also, get a lot of hunting boats that want light bars and four-inch spotlights.”

Dalton Trainer – Car-Tunes, inc. – Greenville, MS

Team Nutz Technology’s Must Stock Marine Lighting

“Customer’s are always wanting LED glow around the speakers. Second would have to be RGB lighting around the deck to make the seating area illuminated with color. Lastly is spotlights for docking or fishing.”

Mike – Team Nutz – Pittsburgh, PA

CarJamz Customs’ Must Stock Marine Lighting

“Local fishermen are really into LED spotlights and small light bars. We also install a lot of multi-color RGB lighting to accent the deck of the boat. The third most popular marine lighting product would be underwater lighting that illuminates around the boat and the wake.”

Macario Gracia – CarJamz Customs – Ringwood, IL

Dealer’s Must Stock Marine Lighting

  1. LED Strip Lighting for Speakers
  2. ColorSMART RGB+W LED Rock Lights for the Deck
  3. Marine Sport LED Light Bars and Spotlights
  4. LED Underwater Lighting

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