Unleashing the DemonEYE ColorSMART LED Headlight

DemonEYE ColorSMART LED Headlight

DemonEYE ColorSMART® LED Headlight

We at Race Sport Lighting are pleased to “unleash” our brand new DemonEYE LED headlight kit. The DemonEYE is a part of our ColorSMART product series. ColorSMART technology utilizes Bluetooth to control multi-color LED lighting from an Android or iOS device. The kit offers a fully functional 2000 LUX headlight mode and multi-color accent mode. In accent mode, a RGB LED is controlled via the ColorSMART app.

“What is great about the product, is that it’s functional and fun. I have them personally in my fog lights and love them.” Said Henry Jasper, Race Sport Lighting’s Inside Sales and Marketing Manager.

Specifications and Features

2,000 LUX headlight mode

Multi-Color accent mode

ColorSMART app available for Android or iOS devices

Available in most popular hi-beam, low-beam and fog light sizes

Marketing Helps

DemonEYE ColorSMART LED Headlight Kit

More information is available on the company’s website HERE