Starting Lineup – GEN4 LED Headlight Kit

The GEN4® LED Headlight Kit from Race Sport® Lighting has arrived! But before we break down this generation’s key features, a story about Jimmy.

Jimmy’s frustration with LED headlights

Jimmy is a dealer in Alabama. Jimmy has requests coming in every week to upgrade his customers’ halogen headlights to LED technology. He is frustrated because the LED headlight kit he uses never seems to fit properly. Sometimes the fan interferes with the seal cap on the back of the headlight assembly and, at best, inevitably allows condensation in, or worse doesn’t seal at all, and Jimmy must forfeit the install. If it’s not that, it’s being unable to orient the bulb to its proper upright and locked position to maximize light output. Jimmy just wants an LED headlight kit that was manufactured with the install in mind.

When Jimmy used his words

A small time later, Jimmy’s Race Sport® Lighting sales representative met Jimmy at his store. He asked Jimmy how his LED headlight conversion business was going. Jimmy then took the next few minutes to vent about the problems he was having with one of the “other guys” LED kits. The Race Sport® Lighting sales guy educated Jimmy on the fact that today’s headlight assemblies need a kit designed to fit in them.

The day Jimmy’s life changed

Then, to Jimmy’s amazement, his angelic sales rep looked him straight in the eyes and said “Meet the Race Sport® Lighting GEN4® LED Headlight kit” as he handed Jimmy the product. Jimmy instinctively rotated the clockable base. A small smile formed the corners of his mouth. Jimmy smushed the copper rope heat sinks against his hand. “Think that’ll fit?” The rep asked Jimmy. “That’ll do donkey, that’ll do.” said Jimmy. (Ok, he didn’t say that, but it was an affirmative acknowledgement.)

Be like Jimmy

Jimmy, you are not alone brother. Every installer trying to deal with seal caps and limited install space has been there. But (read in Morpheus’ voice) “What if I told you there existed an LED headlight kit that was designed to make your installs easier?”

Introducing the Race Sport® Lighting GEN4® LED Headlight Kit

GEN4 LED Headlight

Introducing the long-awaited Race Sport® Lighting GEN4® LED headlight kit. These kits are packed with patent pending features including a fanless rope style heat-sink design, ratchet style clockable base, and the brightest output of an LED headlight kit our company has ever offered (Over 2,700 LUX)

Patent Pending Fanless Rope Style Heatsink Design

GEN4 LED Headlight Copper "rope" heat-sink design

Our patent pending (US patent application no. 16591793) fanless rope style design allows the GEN4® LED headlight kit to be installed where space is limited and it also keeps the high powered diodes cool. The copper rope heatsinks can be manipulated to fit in the tightest compartments while still maintaining the correct about of heat dissipation to keep this kit performing day after day.

360° Clockable Base

The GEN4® LED headlight’s 360° clockable base allows for proper mounting orientation to maximize light output and deliver overall intended performance. Stop getting diminished light output due to the bulb not being positioned the way it was intended to be. The ratchet style base makes it simple to adjust the alignment of the base’s tabs. Just turn the base until the locking tabs are aligned with the opening on the headlight lens assembly. No more loose fitment, no more loss of output, and no anomalies in the beam pattern.

Be Like Jimmy, End the Frustration

GEN4 LED Headlight

End the frustration of complicated or forfeited installs of LED headlight kits. The GEN4® LED Headlight kit is the kit you’ve been waiting for, and it’s backed by a 3 year warranty. Which is our longest ever on a LED headlight kit. Be like Jimmy, place your stock order today.

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