Starting Lineup – GEN6 HID Headlight

GEN6 HID Headlight

The goal of this “starting lineup” training is to equip you with the product stories necessary to be able to sell core Race Sport® Lighting products, but also arm you with the knowledge to overcome objections and make that lighting sale. In this video we will breakdown the features and benefits of the king of HID kits, Race Sport Lighting’s GEN6 HID Headlights.

Jimmy has given up on HID headlight installs

Jimmy is a dealer in Alabama. He has given up on HID headlight installs due to interface issues and sub-par quality. He is frustrated because he has to drop that dang bumper on Miss Jones’ Dodge Charger for the third time. See, her new HIDs are shutting off the circuit on the passenger side. Miss Jones didn’t pay for one intermittently working headlight. After a coffee refill, Google search, and a deep breath, Jimmy grabs a few additional interface parts and dives into the same install for the fourth time.

When Jimmy Met Henry

Fast forward, A Race Sport Lighting representative (Henry) met Jimmy at his local distributor’s annual trade show. He asked Jimmy if he was doing any headlight conversion business. Jim then took the next few minutes to vent about the problems he was having with one of the “other guys” HID kits. He educated Jimmy on the fact that with today’s late model and Mopar vehicles, the computer’s monitoring systems need a ballast with CANBUS technology.

Be like Jimmy

Then, Jimmy looked Henry straight in the eyes and said “Prove it.” Henry gladly made him a deal, “I’ll ship you a GEN6 HID kit for your shop’s new Ram truck, and when you have a frustration free experience, you have to relaunch your HID business with Race Sport.” They shook on it.

Henry didn’t hear back from Jimmy until a year later at that same annual distributor trade show. Jimmy walked up to Henry with purpose, slapping two ballasts on the marketing table, and exclaimed, “One year and two defects. I’m doing HID installs all the time now! And I only use the GEN6”

Every 12-volt Retailer has Been There

Jimmy, you are not alone brother. Every installer at a 12-volt retailer has been there. But (read in Morpheus’ voice) what if I told you there existed a world with an HID kit that was literally plug-n-play on Miss Jones’ Charger? What if I told you, you can be just like Jimmy?

Behold the King – GEN6 HID Headlights

Behold the Race Sport® Lighting GEN6 CANBUS HID kit. It’s been called innovative. Even revolutionary. We prefer to call it the undisputed king of HID kits. The GEN6 CANBUS technology interfaces and communicates correctly with the computers and monitoring systems on late model and Mopar vehicles, without additional harnesses. Which means your customer gets the increase in visibility, stopping distance, and life expectancy over halogen they want, without error lights, radio interference, and frustration of a complicated install (or installs) for you.

The GEN6 CANBUS Kit  Features:

  • Die-cast aluminum ballast housing
  • Heavy-duty cables with braided sleeves
  • Weatherproof bulb connectors
  • No additional harnesses needed on low beam circuits
  • Eliminates radio interference
  • Say goodbye to error lights
  • All backed by a Lifetime warranty on ballasts

Stock GEN6 CANBUS HID Headlight Kits

Race Sport Lighting’s GEN6 CANBUS HID headlight conversion kits are the pain-free, profitable, HID headlight option you’ve been waiting for. Be like Jimmy and end the frustration, click the button to stock the King.

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