How to Properly Align Headlights

Here you will find information on how to properly align headlights. Here is a link to the PDF version

Alignment Process

1. Check your owner’s manual to find the location of the vertical and horizontal headlight adjustment screws. These screws are typically long and feed into gears that control the headlight adjustment. They are usually marked L > R for horizontal adjustment and U > D for vertical adjustment.

2. Find a level surface in front of a garage door or wall with a minimum of 25ft of space plus the length of your vehicle. We will use the 25ft mark as a reference, so you will need enough space for your vehicle to fit behind that line. Using a measuring tape, measure 25ft back from the wall and mark that line using masking tape.

3. Park with the front of your vehicle against the wall and turn on the low beam headlights. Mark the center of each headlight and the horizontal line of each headlight. These should be level with one another.

4. Back the vehicle up in a straight line until the headlights are at the previously taped 25ft mark.

5. Adjust horizontal aim as necessary. The center of your headlights should remain at the taped center line. Use the horizontal adjustment screw to adjust for the center line.

6. Adjust vertical aim. The horizontal line on the headlights should drop 1-2 inches down from the marked lines when parked 25ft back from the wall. Use the vertical adjustment screw to adjust the height of the headlights as necessary.

That’s all there is to it! Go for a drive and enjoy your properly aimed headlights!