Basics of LED Lighting: IP Rating


Basics of LED Lighting: IP Rating

When it comes to LED lighting products not all are created equal. Understanding IP Rating is critical for understanding the quality of an LED product.  In this blog series we want to help breakdown the basics of LED technology and highlight what sets Race Sport Lighting products apart. We will answer some of the most common questions and share downloadable sheets for your use as a Race Sport Lighting Dealer or Distributing Partner.

What is IP Rating?

An IP (Ingress Protection) rating is the standardized way to measure solid particle and liquid penetration resistance. The first digit is its resistance to solid particles, and the second is its resistance to moisture.

IP Rating

What About Race Sport Lighting?

Race Sport Lighting’s LED light bars all carry a minimum IP67 rating, protected from ingress of dust and submersion up to 1m. Our Heavy Duty bars take it a step further and offer an IP68 rating, making them suitable for any conditions and protected against submersion beyond 1m.

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