Race Sport Lighting Announces Knowledge Fest Training

Race Sport Lighting Announces Knowledge Fest Training

Ringwood, IL. –  January 17th, 2020 – Race Sport® Lighting, the undisputed leader of aftermarket lighting solutions for the automotive, truck accessories, marine, and power sports industries, has announced they will be training MEA dealers at all four KnowledgeFest events this year. Below is an outline of the training.

Tips to become a Lighting Professional

Discover dozens of tips to becoming the lighting professional in your local market. From your sales counter staff to your installers, this training is for the whole team!

In this 1-hour training, Race Sport Lighting will cover the following installer/tech related topics:

  • Lumens vs Lux
  • Projectors vs Non-projectors
  • LED headlight specification comparisons
  • HID vs LED comparisons
  • Canbus Decoder specifications
  • 4-Sided Kits – Allowed for Projectors
  • Patented features of the GEN4 LED headlight kit
  • Our quality testing, and what advantage it gives to you

Also, we will train you on how to use helpful sales counter tools such as:

  • Road Map to Success
  • Race Sport Nation dealer resource site
  • Vehicle Fit Guide
  • Race Sport University
  • Starting Lineup

At the end, we will show you how to sign up for no-cost continuing education courses through Race Sport University (RSU), and run you through our Starting Lineup of core products.

In 1-hour, any sales and tech staff should have the tools they need to be the lighting professional in your local market!

Knowledgefest Shows, locations and dates for training to be held:

Click the banner above and be sure to use code: RS20LB for no-charge registration.

About Race Sport Lighting

At Race Sport® Lighting, we are lighting. For almost two decades we have brought consistently high-quality products and full-service-value to our customers. This is our foundation for growth, and the reason we are the lighting brand the professionals use in North America and beyond. For more information on Race Sport® Lighting or to become an authorized Race Sport® Lighting dealer visit www.racesportinc.com

About Knowledge Fest

KnowledgeFest was founded in 1994 by a group of passionate specialty retailers and reps in the Midwest who saw the value in mobile electronics retailers getting together to share knowledge and experiences. In sharing successes and failures, all participants become better, smarter and more profitable businesspeople. Since that time, KnowledgeFest has grown into a full trade show and educational conference like no other in our industry.