Starting Lineup – LED Switches and Voltage Gauges

LED Switches

Starting Lineup – LED Switches, USB Ports and Voltage Gauges

The goal of this Starting Lineup training is to equip you with the product stories necessary to be able to sell core Race Sport® Lighting products, but also arm you with the knowledge to overcome objections and make that lighting sale. In this video we will discuss Race Sport Lighting’s lineup of LED switches, USB ports and voltage gauges.

Race Sport Lighting offers nine different varieties of led switches, USB ports and voltage gauges. As well as a full range of switch mounting accessories.

Momentary Switches

The first LED switch type to discuss is the momentary switch. Great for push-to-start operations or any accessory that only requires a momentary change to a circuit, these 12V illuminated LED momentary push button switches are an economical, attractive option for your dash. They come in chrome with an assortment of colorful LED rings to match your vehicles style, while making panel navigation easy. Pre-wired with internal load resistor… interface.

2-Position Switches

The second switch type is the 2-position switch. Whether you need a switch for a light bar or another accessory on your vehicle, these LED 2-Position Switches are perfect for integrating equipment into your vehicle with ease. They come in chrome or black finish with an assortment of colorful LED rings to suit anyone’s style. The 2-position switch allows for on/off circuit states.

19mm 2-Position Switches

The third switch type is the 19mm 2-position switch. Finished in a seductive black these Race Sport Lighting flush mount switches can be used in two unique ways, Light press for momentary action, Full press latches switch to “on” position. They also feature a colorful LED ring indicator in the color of your choice.

This switch is a Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switch. A SPDT switch has a single input and can connect to and switch between 2 outputs. This means it has one input terminal and two output terminals.

Waterproof LED Rocker Switches

The fourth switch type is the waterproof LED rocker switch. Whether you need a switch for a spot light or anything else on your vehicle, these IP65 rated waterproof LED rock switches are designed for use where the switch may be exposed to the elements.

LED Rocker Switches

The fifth switch variety is the LED rocker switch. A rocker switch has a rocker mechanism for actuation. Race Sport Lighting’s LED Rocker Switches Features your choice of colored illuminated LED panel for easy accessory identification and panel navigation.

LED Toggle Switches

The sixth style is the LED toggle switch. Toggle Switches are designed with a quick “flip” actuation making them great for component activation such as boost, lighting, or any other accessory. They feature a LED indicator, that are available in an assortment of colors. The switch is also equipped with a spring-loaded transparent safety cover to protect against accidental actuation.

LED Illuminated Logo Switches

The seventh type of LED switch is the Illuminated LOGO switch. Race Sport Lighting’s single-pole, single-throw (SPST) LED Rocker Switches let you quickly control your lights on your off-road vehicle, truck, ATV, UTV, or boat. The switch features a backlit icon or logo that is designed to make accessory identification painless. Race Sport Lighting has over… logo designs available for automotive accessories, marine equipment as well as creative specialty icons. These rocker switches easily install in industry standard switch panel cutouts. Lastly, you have your choice of white or blue illumination color.

LED Voltage Gauges

The next product up is Race Sport lighting’s LED voltage gauges. These voltmeters are designed to help you conveniently monitor vehicle battery voltage from 5-24 volts. The LED digital display is readable during the day and at night.

We have LED voltage gauges available in an assortment of display colors. Our LED voltage gauges fit into round or industry standard rectangle switch panel openings. Oh, and if you need an extra USB charging port, we have voltage gauges with USB ports built right in.


Moving on to our next product, Race Sport Lighting’s LED USB ports for switch panels. These are an easy to install ports are THE solution when you need additional USB charging ports in your car, motorhome, or off-road vehicle. Our USB ports provide 3.1A fast charging capability. They are available in industry standard rectangle or circle styles to mount to almost any panel. Oh, and if you are looking for a quick way to add an audio AUX jack to your ride, we have USB ports with this feature.

LED Switch Panels and Mounting Accessories

Lastly, race sport lighting has a full line of switch panels, mounting and installation accessories to shorten your install.

Stock LED Switches and Voltage Gauges

Race Sport Lighting’s lineup of LED switches, USB ports and voltage gauges, are a stylish and practical way to control your lighting accessories, monitor your battery’s voltage, and add additional USB ports to your vehicle.

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