Starting Lineup – LED Wheel Light Kits

LED Wheel lights

The goal of this training is to equip you with the product stories necessary to be able to sell core Race Sport® Lighting products, but also arm you with the knowledge to overcome objections and make that lighting sale. In this video we will discuss Race Sport® Lighting’s extensive lineup of LED Wheel Light kits.

LED Wheel Light Kits

LED Wheel Light

Looking to turn more heads by taking your wheel setup to the next level? Make a bold statement with Race Sport® Lighting’s multi-color LED Wheel Light kit’s!

IP68 Rated Against Environmental Attack

LED Wheel Light

Each kit comes with up to 4 durable aluminum rings. Each ring is lined with our 5050 micro-LEDs and then sealed with thick polymer resin to deliver IP68 rated defense against environmental attacks.

Mounts to Dust Shield, Away from Moving Components

Our LED wheel light rings mount to the dust shield, behind the brake assembly, so they are up and out of the way of moving vehicle components.

Designed with the Installer in Mind

Race Sport® Lighting’s LED wheel light kits were designed with the installer in mind, which means we have included:

• 5ft Red/Black wire, connectors, and zip ties
• Inline fuse holder w/ fuse
• 40ft RGB wiring
• On/Off Switch
• Step by step Installation Instructions and Wiring diagram

Recommending the Proper Wheel Light

LED Wheel Light

When recommending the proper wheel light option for your customer’s vehicle, you’ll need to understand three things:
• What type of vehicle is the kit going on?
• What is the size of the rims on the vehicle?
• And lastly, what style of presentation does your customer desire?

Now, let’s take these one by one:

What type of vehicle is this going on?

LED Wheel Light

Race Sport® Lighting offers four varieties of LED Wheel lights. Each is designed for a particular application or desired lighting effect. The varieties include:
• Single Row – Great for standard rim depths
• Dual Row – Great for deep dish rims or a roomy install
• Chasing (which we will cover in a second)
• and Slingshot – A 3 ring kit designed exclusively for Polaris Slingshots.

What is the size of the rims on the vehicle?

LED Wheel Light

Proper Fitment: Ring Size to Rim

Our Single row, dual row, and chasing wheel light varieties come in three different ring sizes: 14 in, 15.5 in and 17 inches. If the vehicle has 17-20″ rims, use the 14″ ring kit. If the vehicle has 22-24″ rims, use the 15.5″ ring kit. If the rims are 26″ and up, use the 17″ ring kit.

Wait! Does the Vehicle have Performance Brakes?

LED Wheel Light

Let me caveat those basics with a couple of ways to dial in the best size option. First, if the Vehicle has rims that are 19-20” and also has performance brakes or a large braking system, recommend the 15.5″ rings.

LED Wheel Light

And if the vehicle has rims that are 22” or larger and also has performance brakes or a large braking system, recommend the 17″ ring kit.

What style of presentation do they desire?

LED Wheel Light

Our LED wheel light kits come in 3 output pattern styles. Solid color, multi-color RGB, and chasing pattern style. The solid color kits are available in Red, Green, Blue, White, and Pink. The multi-color RGB version comes with an RF remote or you can upgrade to Bluetooth with a RSBHT01 module and control the wheel light kit with your smartphone. Last but not least, our newest output pattern style, our chasing wheel lights are also smartphone controlled but the individually addressable micro LEDs gives you the ability to select from many new lighting effects.

Installing LED Wheel Light Kits

Stock LED Wheel Lights

Race Sport® Lighting’s LED Wheel Light kits deliver to you the boldest color presentation, the smoothest color transitions and patterns, as well as the most complete mounting and wiring options to make for the easiest install possible.

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