Race Sport Lighting Takes LED Wheel Lights to the Next Level

New Features for LED Wheel Lights

Race Sport Lighting has been committed to giving our distributing partners and authorized dealers the advantage in the aftermarket lighting category for over 13 years. For us, the advantage all boils down to quality, support, and service. Our LED wheel light kits are no exception and the better news is we have made some feature and hardware updates to this popular item.

Rigidity of Frame

The first improvement was made to the frame thickness. We have increased the thickness of the aluminum frame to add rigidity. The stiffer frame eliminates movement of the product on the vehicle.

Turn Signal and Brake

The second new feature we added to these LED wheel lights is a turn signal and brake function. Now when you stop the rings can illuminate red. When you flip your turn signal on both rings on the corresponding side of the vehicle will illuminate amber. Brighter means safer while driving on the road.

Smartphone Controlled Chasing Patterns

The third feature to discuss about these LED wheel lights is that they DO feature our Chasing pattern technology. Pattern selection is made via Bluetooth on your smart device.