Lighting Category Peak Season is 1st quarter – Get Ready, Get Set, GO

After 12 years of pioneering the lighting industry revolution, and studying trends across different industries, stats have proven time and time again, that 1st quarter is the #1 quarter for lighting sales for most industries in automotive and mobile electronics. Customers state all the time that they would think summer would spark seasonal high sales, but it’s actually the opposite in the lighting industry. Race Sport Lighting has always seen that seasonal spike happen in the 1st quarter of every year. So why is that, our customer ask? Well, lets take a look at a few factors that affect this.

#1 – In the summer, people drive to work in the sun, they drive home in the sun, they play in the sun with their toys (ATV, boats, etc.) Most of them time, the consumer rarely spend time functioning a vehicle at night in the summer, unless they enjoy the night life. But in the January, February and March, the tables are turned and people drive to work in the dark, drive home in the dark, and ride their toys in the dark. This is what Race Sport Lighting believes to be the #1 reason for lighting sales peaking in the 1st quarter.

#2 – In the summer, many consumers are using their expendable cash on vacationing and traveling around enjoying their vehicles. They just got through a long season of holiday sales, tax season spending, and some last minute mods to their vehicles before summer. Summer is the time to get out and enjoy the toys and the mods they invested in earlier in the year.

#3 – Similar to #1, is awareness. Consumers are more aware of their need to see better at night, and drive safer in the 1st quarter. Since it is dark out most of the time, not only doe they struggle to see in the conditions they drive in, but they see the lighting technology upgrades on others vehicles being utilized, and therefore are aware that they need premium lighting upgrades.

There are several other reasons that Race Sport Lighting has analyzed in their data which lead to 1st quarter season high sales numbers for distributors and retailers, but these are the top 3 as it pertains to the consumer.  The Marine and Power sports Industries have shown more seasonality spiking in 2nd quarter, but they are starting to increase at the end of the 1st quarter, as March is their big months before the toys roll out for the summer season.

So what does this mean for distributors and retailers? This means that the 4th quarter is more important than ever for you. The 4th quarter is a time to take advantage of holiday sales, inventory blowouts, and begin stocking up your inventory levels to make sure your stock is sufficient. This is also a time to contact your Race Sport Lighting sales rep, or call headquarters directly to see if you are eligible for an annual stock adjustment to discuss sending back slower previous year movers, and bringing in all the new year hot new products. We encourage resellers to never enter the new year without already loading skus, and discussing strategy for the new year with Race Sport Lighting.  Sometimes resellers come to us late in the 1st quarter and ask ”What is new?” Its too late to maximize your 1st quarter opportunity by that time. But where can they find  the new opportunities going into a new year each 4th quarter? Here is how:


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