Why Lighting? Lighting Market Update

Lighting Market Update

Why Lighting? Lighting Market Update

“Why Lighting?” It’s a common question as we speak to dealers and distributors that have been nailing it with 12v, automotive or power sports accessories but are not experienced with lighting. In this post we will share some of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) market research findings. You will find in this lighting market update that the lighting category has seen steady growth and promises more. Simply put the data doesn’t lie if you are not selling lighting you are missing out on sales. You like money don’t you?

Market Share



Market Growth

Below shows historical growth in millions for manufacture sales across the market.


This shows in billions 2015 compared to projected 2016 numbers.


18-40 Year Old’s Buy the Most Lighting and Here’s Their Conversion Journey


What Do I Do With This Info?

  1.  If you are not in Lighting get in Lighting. Contact us here and we can get started.
  2.  Understand how your niche buys and target them along the conversion journey.
  3. Check out the sales series for the best tips and hottest products to get in stock.