The goal of this training is to equip you with the product stories necessary to be able to sell core Race Sport® Lighting products, but also arm you with the knowledge to overcome objections and make that lighting sale. In this video we will breakdown the features and benefits of the Race Sport® Lighting LoPro Series of dual function LED products.

LoPro™ Dual Function LED Light Bars


The first LoPro™ product we will discuss are the ultra slim LoPro™ LED light bars. The LoPro™ bars’ dual functionality gives you the best of the on road and off-road worlds.

Full Power Mode

Moving on, the LoPro’s full power feature floods the trail or work site with useful white LED Light.

Secondary Amber Mode

The secondary amber function excels as a daytime running light, marker, or hazard light. The amber function is compliant for on road use making the low pro ideal for applications where amber lighting is used to communicate caution and thus increase safety for drivers of tow trucks, snowplows and contractor’s vehicles.

Thinnest bar in the World with Full Size Performance


The LoPro’s ultra slim design doesn’t just make it the thinnest light bar in the world, its slender profile packs a punch with its five watt 6,500 Kelvin Cree LED emitters which means the low pro still puts out the Lux of full size dual roll bars, all-the-while fitting into tight or stealth mounting locations. Establishing the LoPro as the perfect solution for when your customer calls in looking for a slim bar to mount to their truck’s grill, wench or bull bar.

IP68 Rated Against Environmental Attack


The LoPro bars are rated IP68 for superior dust and water intrusion prevention which means these light bars stand up to the harshest environmental attacks.

Includes Wiring Harness with LED Rocker Switch


These bars also boast over a 50,000-hour life expectancy so your customer can be confident that their bar will be there for them when they need it. The LoPro bars also include a wiring harness pre-wired to a race sport illuminated led switch for a painless, straightforward install. Also keep in mind that our illuminated led rocker switches have three positions allowing for individual selection of the amber DRL the white full power feature and an off/rest position thus maximizing the full functionality of the LoPro bar from day one.

LoPro™ Dual Function LED Spotlights


Now, let’s look at the LoPro™ dual function LED spotlights. Available in classic cube or flush mount designs. Providing you the light you need wherever you need it.

Full Power Mode

The full power mode floods your environment with white LED light. This mode also shines as a fog light or reverse light.

Secondary Amber or Red Mode

The secondary auxiliary mode illuminates in your choice of amber or red. The amber option always excels as a DRL, marker or hazard.

The red LED option makes a great brake light. Both are compliant for on road use. Again, making the LoPro™ family of dual function LED products are perfect for fleet vehicles who use amber lighting to communicate caution.

LoPro™ Dual Function LED Running Board Light Kit


Introducing the third and newest addition to the LoPro™ family the LoPro™ Dual Function LED Running Board Light kit for your jeep, truck, or suv. The RSSBKIT48 and RSSBKIT60 fulfills the call for safety and luxury with its striking big-rig style amber running light function.

Sequential Amber LED Turn Signal Function

The Sequential Turn Signal function engages powerful amber LED’s along the sides of your vehicle, so you can be seen by other drivers at many angles. Be seen, be safe.

Courtesy Light White LED Function


The courtesy light feature illuminates the ground around your vehicle with powerful white light to help really you make an entrance. Yet there is no need to pick one function over the other, these versatile kits can be customized to your style.

Available in 48″ and 60″ Length

The LoPro™ dual function running board kits are available in two versions. The RSSBKIT48 with its (2) 48” flexible strips or the RSSBKIT60 (2) 60” flexible strips, to fit virtually any vehicle on or off the road.

IP67 Rated Professional Grade 5050 LED Strips

Manufactured with the latest in professional grade 5050 LED strip technology to ensure the boldest color presentation and smoothest sequential turn signal pattern. We then sealed the strip in polymer resin and shielded it within a weatherproof silicone sleeve to deliver IP67 level defense against environmental attack.

Mounting Hardware Included

And when secured with the included hardware you can be confident that your flexible LoPro™ LED running board kit, is in it for the long haul just like you.

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