Marine and Power Sport Season – Its finally here, are you ready?

Marine and Power Sport Season – Its finally here, are you ready?

A few blogs ago, we talked to you about how the automotive and mobile electronics industries perform best in the 1st quarter. The 2nd quarter is coming upon us, and this quarter still boasts strong sales for those industries! Marine and Power sports Industries dominate the 2nd quarter in lighting sales. This is the time of year that the toys are getting ready for use by consumers, and resellers positioned to serve these industries are stocking heavy and marketing to these customers.

March is the boating season for profit!

The Marine season is a short lived quarter. By far, almost 80% of marine sales happens in March and all the 2nd quarter. By quarter end, most boats are in the water and enjoying their new LED Lights above and underwater. If you wait past April to load up on Marine skus and put in your marketing, you already missed the boat. The boat, get it….Okay, bad joke. But seriously get ramped up on marine lighting products in the month of March and April. If you need help with marketing, ask us about our Turn Key Marketing program.

Have no fear power sport season is here!

The Power Sports industry launches hard core in March, and has a longer lifespan than marine!  The same urgency exists for resellers to gear up nonetheless. Power Sports dealers are done rearranging their showrooms for this spring to summer product mix. Lighting upgrades need to be a big part of this, expressly for the profitability. Looking to have huge success in selling lighting in power sports in 2018? Check the new Race Sport Lighting power sports specific display . Its an easy investment and highly effective.


In conclusion, 2nd quarter should be a strong lighting season for all resellers, and a focus on marine and powersports is a good strategy. Just make sure you dont miss the let the season pass you by, and miss out on these huge opportunities to maximize lighting sales. For more information on products in these hot 2nd industries, please visit our website at You will be able to sort and categorize by industry and find it easy to get the mix you need prepared.