Intro to colorADAPT: Motorcycle Kit

colorADAPT Motorcycle Kit

Race Sport Lighting is committed to providing our dealers and distributors the best product knowledge in the industry. So, here we want to introduce you to the newest series of products we offer, our colorADAPT series. This post features the Motorcycle Kit.

Race Sport Lighting’s colorADAPT series LED motorcycle kits combine micro-leds of all colors into one refined wide angle light giving you a stronger, more vibrant light with more color options. These kits are universal and able to be put in the tightest space. colorADAPT controllers remember the last color or setting used, glowing the color you want every time. No more wasting time resetting your strips.

Motorcycle Kit

Kit Contents

  • (10) 4” 6-LED colorADAPT strips
  • (4) 8” connectors (10) 12” connectors
  • (2) 48” connectors
  • (5) Wiring splitters
  • (1) wallet size remote
  • (1) Key-chain RF remote
  • (1) Mount-ready on/off push button switch
  • (1) Wireless led controller w/ sound activation


  • IP68 rated 5050 led strips
  • Combines micro-leds for a more vibrant color range
  • 80 ft range for remotes
  • Strobe, color-cycle, music, fade, dimming pattern modes

Check them out here: colorADAPT Series