Starting Lineup – PNP LED Headlight Series

PNP LED Headlight

The goal of this training is to equip you with the product stories necessary to be able to sell core Race Sport® Lighting products, but also arm you with the knowledge to overcome objections and make that lighting sale. In this video we will breakdown the features and benefits of the Race Sport® Lighting’s PNP (Plug and Play) series of LED headlights.

But first.. a story about Jimmy:

Jimmy is an aftermarket accessories dealer, and he’s frustrated because the LED headlight kit he is using never seems to fit properly. The fan interferes with the seal caps, or the bulb is physically too big for the housing and makes contact with the lens, or there’s no space behind the headlight housing assembly to mount the driver. Why can’t Jimmy just find an LED headlight that was engineered with the install in mind? What if I told you there existed an LED headlight kit designed to make your installs easier?

PNP LED Headlights

PNP LED Headlight

Introducing the Race Sport® Lighting PNP Series LED headlight bulbs: a simple, direct LED replacement for headlights and fog lights.

Same Size as OEM Halogen Bulb

The PNP bulbs are the same size as the OEM halogen bulbs they replace, giving your customer the stylish look of an LED with no fitment issues.

Fanless with Built-in Driver

Furthermore, the PNP LED headlight bulbs are fanless. They were engineered with a built-in driver and heatsink technology. This tech helps the lamp exceed thermal conductivity standards for superior heat dissipation. The internal driver makes the PNP series the perfect LED headlight upgrade to use where space is limited and the external driver simply won’t fit, such as in motorcycles, ATVs, or snowplows.

One Piece Die Cast Aluminum

PNP LED Headlight

Moving on, the PNP bulbs are elegantly manufactured from one piece die cast aluminum. This ensures their durability against vibration and environmental attacks.

Ultra Luminous Diodes

Also, the PNP series features ultra-high luminous diodes to increase driving visibility and shorten stopping distance, when compared to your halogen stock bulbs.

Stock the PNP LED Headlight Series

PNP LED Headlight

With the PNP LED headlight series, our authorized dealers can stay competitive with a pocket friendly LED headlight option. That’s a quick easy install for you and built-to-last performance for your customer.

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