PNP- Introducing the Plug ‘n Play Direct Replacement LED Series


Truly Plug ‘n Play

The Race Sport® Lighting Plug ‘n Play (PNP) Series are a simple direct replacement LED upgrade solution for headlights and fog lights. The PNP bulbs are the same size as the OEM halogen bulbs it replaces, thus letting you update your vehicle’s headlights and/or fog lights with the stylish look of a LED, with no fitment issues.

The true plug ‘n play nature of these replacements is a game changer for parts stores, POS sales, and installs where the space is limited and an external driver simply won’t fit.

Steve Jergensen – President Race Sport® Lighting

PNP Made With Superior Materials

Furthermore, the Plug ‘n Play LED replacements are engineered with a built in driver that exceeds thermal conductivity standards for superior heat dissipation. The bulbs are elegantly manufactured from one piece die-cast aluminum ensuring their durability. They also have a wide, 9V-32V, operating range.

PNP Means Superior Performance

Also, the Plug ‘n Play series bulbs features FCiP Ultra-high luminous diodes for high power output to increase driving distance 2-3 times over stock halogen bulbs. Measuring 1,900 LUX in the Race Sport® Lighting test lab (Actual output out of lens). Rated 2,000 Lumens per bulb, (4,000 Lumens per pair) in integrating sphere testing.

PNP Series is D.O.T. Compliant

Lastly, the Plug ‘n Play series has been thoroughly designed and tested to be DOT Compliant in all specifications. These direct LED replacements were tested for LUX, aim and focus of the beam pattern, life expectancy validation and water and dust intrusion to name a few. These tests ensure we are complaint with light output, projection, and beam focus

Additional Information

The PNP series is back by Race Sport® Lighting’s minimum 1-Year manufacture’s warranty.

Laslty, note that newer vehicles may need optional in-line CANBUS decoders to interface correctly.