Race Sport Lighting Celebrates 13 Year Anniversary

Race Sport Lighting Celebrates 13 Year Anniversary

Ringwood, IL. –  February 7th, 2020 Race Sport Lighting, the leader in aftermarket automotive, truck, jeep, power sports, and marine lighting has announced that the company is celebrating their 13th year in the lighting industry. The company was formed in 2007 as a result of a growing passion of Steve’s to add lighting functionality to every vehicle build or install he was doing for his customers. As Steve searched for lighting solutions, he realized the lighting that was on the marketplace at the time was older technology, and there were new technologies on the horizon that would revolutionize the future of Vehicle lighting. At the formation of the company, Steve mainly focused on upgrading the headlights and fog-lights on all vehicles using an incredible HID system that gave drivers superior night vision when their halogen bulbs were replaced.  

In 2008, Race Sport Lighting began selling their HID systems to local dealers in the Illinois and Wisconsin area. In 2009, Race Sport Lighting spread distribution of their lights to most of the Midwest Distributors who helped drastically expand their footprint into the 12 volt marketplace. In 2010, they hired their first National Sales manager, and brought their success nationwide. Immediately, LED technology was on the rise and Steve moved their national customer base into the LED lighting technologies alongside their flagship HID products. Over the last several years, Race Sport Lighting has expanded their 5,000+ product offerings into not only the 12 volt industry, but also the small and medium-duty Truck Accessory Industries, the Marine Industry, the Golf Cart Industry, the Motorcycle industry, and the ATV Powersports Industry. As various competitors have popped up out of the woodwork in the last few years trying to take a piece of the pie, Race Sport Lighting continues to stay one step ahead with smarter technologies, more durable products, and a wide array of valued added tools and resources that keep them the leader in the lighting category.

“It has been an amazing journey over the last 13 years. I would have never have imagined in 2007 that we would have a North American footprint in several industries that we serve and would be growing at the rate that we have. We are grateful for each and every manufacturer rep, distribution partner, and authorized dealer who we have supported us. On behalf of everyone at Race Sport Lighting, thank you!” Steve Jergensen, Race Sport Lighting President.

About Race Sport Lighting

At Race Sport® Lighting, we are lighting. For almost two decades we have brought consistently high-quality products and full-service-value to our customers. This is our foundation for growth, and the reason we are the lighting brand the professionals use in North America and beyond. For more information on Race Sport® Lighting or to become an authorized Race Sport® Lighting dealer visit www.racesportinc.com