Race Sport Lighting: Lighting a different way! A better way!

Lighting a Better Future

Here at Race Sport Lighting we understand that time and marketing are 2 of the most important things in our day to day business! We have partnered with two of the premier display manufactures in the market today. 5 Axis and Avidworx have been on the cutting edge and so has Race Sport Lighting! Here comes Turn Key Marketing and One Step Display programs, nobody sells lighting better…period!

The Display Program!

The displays come in a variety of different set-ups and sizes. Here at Race Sport we pride ourselves in marking market correct choices for our customers! We all know a display can be a huge investment, but being done correctly also a huge payday! Race Sport makes it easy with a one page program focusing on our dealers all the way to the retailer.

Todays lighting market is a very tangible item, customers love to interact with the displays and it’s easier to sell off of one! “Today people want to see the quality and difference so we did just that with these displays!” said National Sales Manager Brandon Kurth. It creates a sense of “We are in the lighting business in a big way” said companies President Steve Jergensen. For over a decade Race Sport Lighting has been changing the game and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.


2018 marks a pivotal year for Race Sport and its customers, with the recent upgraded website, inventory management and new warehouse Race Sport Lighting is ready and expecting growth! “today marks a change for Race Sport , a change in how we market to the consumer and the market.” said Brandon. Turn-key marketing paired with One Step Display programs mark a shift from the game of chase and a stride forward on education and development! Race Sport has recently stated that they will be attending all 3 Knowledge Fest shows this year to show how and what to do in lighting. Brandon went on to say ” We most be diverse in the market to stay relevant and flat out make more money!” Turn-key marketing allows us to bring footsteps to you, all we ask is invest in us get a display and focus on the line!

The steps are quite easy to get the marketing perk. First pick out a display and opening mix that supports your market. Second work with the in house marketing experts on launch as a authorized dealer. Third, let them work on your personalized mailer, social media, and website to tell the story! Boom! Then it gets even better with Race Sport Lighting! Here comes Google Ad words to push the traffic to the authorized dealer! 20 miles? 20 miles is the range of the ad blast! Just imagine someone in a 20 mile range searching lighting and finding your business! What else can you sell them?


Wrap up!

If you haven’t already signed up on the website get it done! Ask this who else in lighting provides this level of service? Make your money work as hard as you do! Paired with 6 days a week live technical support and the highest quality available you cant lose with Race Sport! We are the Brand Professional’s Use!