Still not convinced GEN6 HIDs are the perfect solution for Projectors?

Ringwood, IL. –  November 14th, 2019 – Race Sport® Lighting, the undisputed leader of aftermarket lighting solutions for the automotive, truck accessories, marine and power sports industries, has announced they have given the “Go-Ahead” on their 4 Sided™ LED headlights for projector use. The company president commended:

“Race Sport Lighting absolutely recommends and will always recommend that the GEN6 CANBUS HID headlights are the best performing kits in any projector system, but if you are going to insist on selling or installing LEDs into projectors, our 4-Sided LED kits are the best option in the LED market to do that with. They give the best possible light pattern and beam, and last the longest in projectors.”

Steve Jergensen
Race Sport Lighting President

The Extra-Ordinary 4-Sided LED Headlights

Extra-Ordinary 360° Full-Angle Illumination

The Ordinary: Most LED headlight kits by nature do not produce a perfect 360° illumination. Thus, as the projector collects and focuses the available light, anomalies appear in the beam, diminishing the maximum achievable distance of projection.

The Extra-Ordinary: By strategically placing a diode on each of the 4-Sided’s, well sides, the bulb’s illumination cooperates with the projector’s design features to achieve exceptional light output without the normal anomalies.

Extra-Ordinary Heat Dissipation

The Ordinary: Projectors, being a confined space by nature trap heat. The life expectancy of LED headlight diodes is lowered in this environment. The diodes need room to breathe and work within their ideal operating temperature range. You can expect premature failure of any LED kits that are installed in projectors.

The Extra-Ordinary: The 4-Sided LED headlight kit features a smart and efficient aluminum cooling system where a heat sink and built-in fan partner to deliver superior heat dissipation ensuring a stable operating temperature range. Which is important

Extra-Ordinary Specifications

Power : 120W/Set 60W/Bulb.
Luminous : 6,000Lumen/Set 3,000LM/Bulb)
LUX Output: 2,500 LUX/Bulb 5,000LUX/Set
6000 Kelvin Color Temperature

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