Race Sport Lighting launches NEW DemonEye® Version 2 RGB Headlights

RINGWOOD, IL – February 16, 2021  

Race Sport Lighting is excited to announce the launch of their NEW DemonEYE® V2 RGB Multi-functional headlights. This kit can be used not only for headlight or fog light performance upgrades, but also feature an additional RGB diode to light up your lens color for show use as well. Race Sport Lighting owns the trademark on the DemonEYE® name and is officially licensed to produce and sell this RGB technology to the marketplace. 

This Version 2 DemonEYE® LED kit is yet another product from Race Sport ushering in the latest and greatest vehicle technology in headlight and fog light upgrades. The advantages over the first version include a smaller, more compact design for versatile fitment, upgraded diode technology for brighter LUX output, upgraded Bluetooth app-controlled software and a much more durable and long-lasting diode technology. 

“This second version DemonEYE® RGB LED kit is going to be a hit in 2021. Many resellers loved the Version 1 when we released it about five years ago, and we did well in the marketplace with it as customers began to integrate it with other RGB products on their vehicles. The V2 takes all of our newer premium LED technologies and allows us to bring this once popular LED kit back to life.” – Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting  

“From an installer’s perspective, this V2 DemonEYE® LED kit is much more advanced than the old version. Its small and shallow design allow it to fit almost all vehicles on the road, and it is much brighter than the first version. Since we designed it using our patent diodes, diode array, and circuit board design, it is going to be much more durable and long lasting.”
– Mac Garcia, Installation & Tech Support, Race Sport Lighting  

NEW DemonEYE® V2 RGB Multi-functional headlights are in stock and shipping in most bases now out of their warehouse. All distributors and dealers are encouraged to get this new technology in stock and experience what the excitement is about.  

About Race Sport Lighting  

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More information and resources on this NEW product here: https://www.racesportinc.com/catalogsearch/result/?cat=&q=demon+eye+v2