Race Sport Lighting Launches New P-Series Projector Perfect LED Headlight Kits

RINGWOOD, IL – October 21, 2021  

Race Sport Lighting is excited to announce the launch of their new P-Series projector perfect LED headlight lineup. This product was developed and tested in their lab over the last year and is now available to the marketplace. The P-Series is the first headlight kit approved by their product specialists to produce a 100% perfect beam out of a projector lens with no spray lines or shadowing. These kits provide effective projection down the road without any performance loss. All other LED kits on the market experience performance issues when placed into projectors because projector lenses were originally engineered to work with HID technology. With the increase in popularity of LED headlights, the need for a LED solution to projector lenses was too much to ignore.  

“Our whole team is excited to launch this new P-Series product to the marketplace. We have had the projector problem solved for the last 5 years with our GEN6® HID headlight kits, but many customers continued to insist on putting LED technologies into the projector style lenses on newer vehicles. It was imperative that we engineered an exclusive LED kit that provides another option with LED technology that we can feel comfortable putting our stamp of approval on.” 

– Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting 

The P-Series boasts an amazing 3,950 LUX light output per bulb – giving the user almost 8,000 total LUX per kit. A high LUX output is required to properly project the 360° perfect light array down the road out of the lens. The P-Series closely resembles the down-road performance of their notorious GEN6® HID Conversion kits that have been the ultimate projector solution for thousands of dealers in the industry. If that was not enough, every P-Series kit is packaged with CANBUS decoders to ensure a successful install every time – even in vehicles with complex electrical systems. 

The P-Series LED Solve-All Kit is going to provide a solution to all the questions people are asking when it comes to vehicles equipped with projector lenses. This kit is going to be the next hot product for everyone to talk about at future tradeshows. This will change how LEDs are looked at, and it will be a home run for resellers all around North America.”

– Ignacio Ayala, Inside Sales & Product Specialist 

The new P-Series Projector Perfect LED kits are in stock and shipping in six bulb bases (H7, H8, H11, 9005, 9006, and 9012) out of the Northern Illinois warehouse. All distributors and dealers are encouraged to get this new technology in stock and experience the LED solution to projector lenses. 

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