Race Sport Lighting partners with Trends Electronics in Canada

RINGWOOD, IL – October 25, 2021 

Shortly after Race Sport Lighting launched their 2021 Canadian specific website, they have now officially partnered with Trends Electronics, Inc headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia. Trends Electronics has a sales force located in each marketplace, from the West Coast to the East Coast and they will be hitting accounts hard in the next few months to get on board with Race Sport Lighting. Trends will also be stocking and promoting the Marine Sport Lighting line that is Race Sport’s fastest growing category over the last few years. Trends is well known for their success in getting behind the hottest categories, and with the best partners, it is no mistake that Race Sport Lighting fits their success mold in the Canadian marketplace. 

“Trends Electronics Inc and our company have been methodically vetting this opportunity for a while now, and we felt as if it was the time to come in strong into Canada. In the next twelve months, we are going to work closely with Trends to present our all-in-one, solution-based products to Canadian dealers. We plan to help dealers become more confident and more profitable in the lighting category.”  

– Steve Jergensen, Race Sport Lighting President 

This exciting news just got out of the bag this week in a live 60-minute broadcast on CMA. The recording of the broadcast can be viewed be clicking here. Race Sport Lighting clearly laid out the game plan to bring some of their new and exclusive patented technologies to Canadian dealers in conjunction with Trends Electronics Inc to the 12-volt marketplace. There was definitely some excitement on the high-quality lighting offerings, but also on the value-added dealer tools and services. Some of the services include vehicle fitment guides, business-to-business dealer portals, sell sheet libraries and a vast retail display program. Race Sport Lighting also discussed their RS University basic lighting training courses that will pair with Trends University training programs. These tools will be available to all of their dealer base in Canada. 

“As a leader in Canadian wholesale distribution and going into our 32nd anniversary, Trends is extremely happy to announce this new partnership. Trends Electronics has always carried best-in-class products for mobile, residential and commercial industries and we believe that the Race Sport Lighting family of world class products will continue to add to our mix for specialty independent retailers here in Canada. With their vast product offering, we are happy to be able to be the one-stop-shop offering to our Canadian partners.” 

– Grant McFatter, Trends Electronics National Sales Director 

“Trends Electronics is very excited to introduce the Race Sport Lighting line of products to our partners in Canada. Trends has always believed in high-end mobile audio and lighting products and will continue to bring these products to market in Canada.” Their product line adds the lighting category to our mobile division, and keeps us true to our company mission statement to create an incredible, immersive experience of sound and light that will blend seamlessly into any environment.”

Grant Daoust, Trends Electronics President 

About Trends Electronics, Inc. – A Trusted Partner for over 30 years. Founded in 1990, Trends Electronics International Inc. is a distributor in the consumer and commercial electronics industry. Trends has built a strong, dependable and dedicated team and the Company is proud to support best in class audio and video products from premium manufacturers across the globe, including, Europe, Asia and North America. Visit https://www.trendsinc.com/ 

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