Race Sport Lighting Patented GEN4® LED Kit is Back and Shipping

RINGWOOD, IL – December 17, 2021

(Patent No. 11,054,127) (Patent No. 10,801,714)

Race Sport Lighting is pleased to announce the patented and innovative GEN4® LED High Performance LED Kits are in stock and shipping to resellers! The 1st Generation of GEN4® kits were launched in 4th quarter 2019, after US Patent No. 10,801,714 was issued in October of 2019.  North American dealers were raving over the new technology and the GEN4® was an instant success with resellers looking to sell the best of the best when it comes to forward lighting systems. The line took a hit when COVID struck North America in early 2020 and shut down its assembly lines. Race Sport Lighting moved the tooling to their main factory and made some improvements to its new generation and was awarded Patent No. 11,054,127 by the USPTO in October 2020.

The GEN4® patented lighting system features a 360° ratchet-style adjustable base for perfect aiming adjustments for installers to make sure their consumers are set up right for the road. The product also includes an anti-glare optical beam deflector on the tower body designed to keep the light output perfectly aimed down the road, and out of the eyes of oncoming drivers on-road. The patented design also features the “Medusa Style” rotatable heat-sink rope for heat dissipation in tight lens/cover locations with ZERO clearance. All this while boasting 2,700lx/bulb (5,400lx/kit) of high-performance light out of the lens.

“We are excited to be shipping the GEN4® LED High Performance system to the marketplace with a few upgraded adjustments that will increase the performances even more. We are thankful to the USPTO for awarding a second patent and recognizing a lot of hard work put into this kit. Resellers who sell and install the best of the best in each category are going to go crazy for the GEN4® LED kit to serve them well in the forward lighting category.” – Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting

Installing a correctly designed forward lighting system is key to providing each customer the best possible product for their vehicle. Too many resellers are settling for low price over-the-counter China concepts that fail to give customers the best forward lighting in their vehicles. The GEN4® LED kit is one-of-a-kind, US engineered, patented, and tested to provide the absolute best performance on each and every vehicle. The Race Sport Lighting LED Headlight line up continues to evolve and provide the marketplace with not only a great quality product, but solutions that work and are proven.

About Race Sport Lighting

Race Sport Lighting is the leading manufacturer of LED and HID lighting technology in North America, and serves the 12-Volt, Truck Accessory, Powersports, Motorcycle, Marine, and RV industries primarily. Founded in 2007, Race Sport Lighting is going on its 15th year leading the way as the Pioneer for the lighting category. They offer the highest quality lighting products to the industry and back it up with award winning customer service and tech support. This reputation has earned them the position of Preferred Lighting Vendor for AutoGear, AAM Group, MESA, Tint World franchises, and Restylers International just to name a few in the industry.

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