9 Products to Ramp up to Lighting Season

Lighting Season

Over the last decade serving the mobile electronics, truck accessories, marine and power sports industries with our LED and HID lighting solutions, Race Sport® Lighting has deciphered that aftermarket lighting is a seasonal business. Similar to tint or remote starts. Yes, lighting sells all year, but from September through May is where we historically see the bulk of lighting sales. Furthermore, 39% of lighting sales take place in the fourth quarter.

Therefore, it’s time to ramp up to lighting season. In this article we will cover 9 products that are must stock this lighting season. These selections were driven by data from racesportinc.com. Namely, our most searched for, most purchased, and top viewed products. We are giving you the most in demand products to have a successful launch to your lighting season.

Dual Function

The Race Sport® Lighting LoPro® Series’ dual functionality the on-road and off-road worlds. First, the LoPro’s full power feature, floods the trail or worksite with white LED light. Empowering the user’s off-road lifestyle. The secondary Amber Function excels as a daytime running light, marker, hazard or signal light, and is compliant for on road use. Making the LoPro® ideal for applications where amber lighting is used to communicate caution and thus increase safety, such as on tow trucks, snowplows, or contractor vehicles.

Thinnest Light Bar in the World

The LoPro’s Ultra Slim Design makes it the thinnest light bar in the world. But don’t let it’s slender size fool you, the LoPro® packs a punch, with its 5 watt 6,500k CREE LED emitters. Which means the LoPro® still puts out the LUX of dual row bars all the while fitting into tight or stealth mounting locations and retaining off road functionality. Establishing the LoPro® as the perfect solution for when the customer in your showroom is looking for a slim bar to mount behind their vehicle’s grill.

Tenacious Reliability

The LoPro® is built like a tank. Being rated at IP68, for superior dust and water intrusion prevention, this light bar stands up to the elements on or off the road while boasting a 50,000-hour life expectancy so you can be confident that your customer will be satisfied with the LoPro’s tenacious reliability. The LoPro® also includes a wiring harness with Race Sport illuminated LED switch for a painless, straight forward install for your dealer.

2. Most Searched: GEN6® CANBUS HID Kits

Behold the Race Sport® Lighting GEN6® CANBUS HID kit. It’s been called innovative. Even revolutionary. We prefer to call it the undisputed king of HID kits. The GEN6® CANBUS technology interfaces and communicates correctly with the computers and monitoring systems on late model and Mopar vehicles, without additional harnesses. Which means your customer gets the increase in visibility, stopping distance, and life expectancy over halogen they want, without error lights, radio interference, and frustration of a complicated install (or installs) for you.

Read this article for all you’ll ever need to know about the GEN6® CANBUS HID Kit.

Race Sport® Lighting has a full line of LED strobes and beacons available for commercial and municipal fleet vehicles. From full size roof mount beacon light bars to professional LED beacons, whatever their install requires we got it in stock for our dealers!

The Latest in Multi-color LED Technology

Race Sport® lighting’s ColorADAPT™ family of products boasts the absolute latest and multi-color LED lighting technology. The RSUKIT utilizes ColorADAPT™ multi-color 5050 micro LEDs for a stronger, more refined wide angle light projection with an almost endless array of vibrant colors, which means more glow for a bolder statement.

Weatherproof IP67 Rating

Also, The RSUKIT underbody kit is IP67 rated. Construction starts with a high end 5050 RGB diode strip encased in a durable aluminum channel and is sealed with weatherproof silicone.

ColorADAPT® Control Module and Remotes

Furthermore, The RSUKIT ColorADAPT™ control box partners with multi-function remotes allowing for color and pattern selection. Selections includes dimmer and speed control as well as strobe, fade, flash, and music cycles. Plus, the ColorADAPT™ RSUKIT remembers your settings which means no more wasting time cycling options to reset your preferred look.

Race Sport® Lighting’s driver-less Terminator® LED headlight kits are plug & play on most vehicles, making them an excellent choice for installers. Their low-profile design, ease of use, and affordable price point make them the best kit in their price bracket on the market. Offering more bang for your buck.

Focus Cup

The focus cup is design to narrow the projection beam which helps to eliminate glare. This cup surrounds the high-powered set of Zes LEDs which together deliver 2000 LUX of light output. Which means your dealer can be confident that their customer will receive 2-3 times more useable light output thus increasing visibility and stopping distance.

Build Quality

Next, the chips and focus cup assembly are mounted to a solid piece of 6063 aircraft grade aluminum. This aluminum frame is engulfed by a fanless heat-sink technology for superior heat dissipation. Which means your customer doesn’t need to worry about defects and repeat customer issues due to corrosion or poor durability.

Designed for Easy Install

Lastly, the driver-less base is designed with a low mounting depth to make for an easier install where space is limited, like in shallow housings or behind sealing caps. The Terminator® is plug-n-play by design, for simple installation.

Race Sport® Lighting’s Ultra Slim™ LED flush mount strobes are an excellent choice for commercial and municipal vehicles. Available in white/amber and red/blue color combinations, with 19 adjustable alternating patterns. Synchronization is possible as well, giving your customer the same pattern across the whole vehicle.

7. Most Viewed: ColorSMART® LED Rock Light Kits

Original ColorSMART® LED Rock Light Kits

The ColorSMART® RSLD4KITCS, RSLD6KITCS and RSLD8KITCS utilize 5050 micro-LEDs for a stronger, more refined, light projection, with an almost endless array of vibrant colors. Which means more glow, for a bold luxurious statement.

The ColorSMART® kit includes 4, 6, or 8 LED pods with 10 feet of cable and CNC connectors. The ColorSMART® rock light pods are IP68 rated to stand up to the elements and intense off-road environments. The kit also comes with mounting hardware and gaskets to mount easily under any wheel wells, body frames, and engine compartments on your vehicle.

These kits are controlled via Bluetooth application on your smart phone. Simply use a QR Code Scanning app to scan the QR code located on the brain box. The app features a color-wheel, presets, and will even store your favorite custom colors and patterns.

The ColorSMART® family of products deliver to you the boldest color presentation, the smoothest color transitions and patterns, as well as the most complete mounting and wiring options to make for the easiest install possible.

New RGB+W ColorSMART® Rock Light Kits

Built off the established quality of it’s tri-color predecessor, these brand new RGB+W ColorSMART® LED rock lights give you an additional solid white diode for a pure white illumination. Tri-color versions blend the red, blue and green LEDs to produce it’s white color. Due to demand from the customer base we have added the fourth additional pure white LED. This RGB+W version is available in 4, 6, 8 and even 12 pod kits. Being apart of the ColorSMART® family they are controlled via Bluetooth application on your cell phone.

Built with the same ColorADAPT® multi-color LEDs as the aforementioned RSUKIT for the underbody of the vehicle, the RSIKIT is for the interior.

The kit includes four 12 inch weatherproof flexible strips with a silicone sleeve, made to bend or curve around any surface, while standing up to the elements. These interior strips are equipped with durable 3M adhesive and when partnered with the included mounting hardware, you are ensured a perfect adhesion, to almost any surface.

The kit contains:

  • (1) Wallet-Sized Panel Remote Control
  • (1) Mini Key fob style Remote Control
  • (4) 10’ Extension Cables with click-in connectors
  • Fuse tap adapters, zip ties and even a car charger adapter
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

9. Most Viewed: GEN3® LED Headlight Kit

Race Sport® Lighting GEN3® LED headlight conversion kit is the boldest and brightest yet. It’s fifteen percent more luminous than our previous versions and three times brighter than OEM halogen. The hundred percent copper core runs to an aluminum heat sink, which integrates with a sealed dual ball bearing fan for superior heat dissipation. Our GEN3® LED headlight conversion kits feature a pancake fan for improved fitment behind new vehicle seal caps. The IP67 rated drivers are watertight and are fastened with five pin screw lock CNC connectors. On dual beam kits the GEN3® utilizes Tri-LED cluster technology which offers 360 degrees of light output. The boldest and brightest yet. Race Sport® Lighting’s GEN3® LED headlight conversion kit is simply superior.