New Professional Slat Wall and Counter Displays

New Slat Wall and Counter Displays

Race Sport Lighting – in partnership with 5-Axis Innovations – has released a brand-new line of versatile, professionally made, interactive, and engaging automotive lighting displays for your showroom.

Slat Wall displays

Versatile – Can Accent Countertop or Slat Wall

These new displays were designed with the dealer showroom in mind. Offering two unique ways to utilize the display. The display presents great on its own on your sales counter and you may also choose to enhance your LED lighting slat wall presentation by adding this versatile display.

Interactive – Multi-Color Products are Powered

The ColorSMART, ColorADAPT, RGB+W LED Rock lights, and StrobePro displays are fully powered. These interactive displays illuminate at the push of a button, inviting the customer to interact with the product. Lighting is a visual product by nature. Seeing is believing when it comes to the benefits of LED lighting, and this new display accomplishes just that.

Engaging – Assists Sales Staff in Making that Lighting Sale

Whether on the counter or embedded in your slat wall presentation, these displays engage the customer. Assisting your sales team to not only discuss the product, but to overcome objections and make that lighting sale.

Professionally Made – About 5-Axis Innovations

Slat Wall displays

5 Axis Innovations was born from mobile electronic retailers’ desire to differentiate themselves from their competitors. By creating luxury showrooms using state of the art signage and displays, 5 Axis Innovations created a new landscape for businesses across the country to reach their individual markets. 5 Axis Innovations specializes in interactive displays, LED panels, and custom-built graphics to optimize your business goals. 5 Axis Innovations also specializes in customization of trade show booths and displays to increase your visibility, name recognition, and the promise of future sales

Displays Available for Core Race Sport Lighting Product Families

RS5ACS-7G – ColorSMART® 5-Axis Counter or Slat Wall Retail Display

RS5ACS-4D – StrobePRO Series 5-Axis Counter or Slat Wall Retail Display

RS5ACS-5E – RGB+W Rock Light Series 5-Axis Counter or Slat Wall Retail Display

RS5ACA-6F – ColorADAPT® 5-Axis Counter or Slat Wall Retail Display

RS5ACS-2B – GEN4® LED Kit 5-Axis Counter or Slat Wall Retail Display

RS5ACS-3C – GEN6® HID Kit 5-Axis Counter or Slat Wall Retail Display

RS5ACS-1A – Terminator LED Kit 5-Axis Counter or Slat wall Retail Display