Why Your Shop Should Use Social Media

Social Media

Why Your Shop Should Use Social Media Marketing

Be found and credible. Today’s customers want to make purchases on their terms, and that means doing research online before walking in your store. There is an unstated expectation from buyers now that they should be able to find you on Google and social media.

Become the trusted advisor and teacher. Today’s customers want to feel empowered to make a purchase decision after doing their own research rather than feeling sold to. If you aren’t adding value by building a relationship and guiding your prospect along this journey, you risk losing out to someone who does play the role of trusted advisor or being undercut in price by a website. Social media is an enormously powerful and effective tool for dealers to demonstrate expertise and consequently build trust. Successful salespeople stay top of mind with their customers and prospects by regularly sharing helpful tips relating to the products they sell and relevant news.

Deliver highly personalized service at scale. Delivering personalized service is nothing new to a seasoned salesperson, but scaling this with social media technology is key to continuing to drive up sales productivity and effectiveness. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to be high-touch with everyone all the time, so the smart salesperson strives to be low-touch until it’s the right time to become high-touch. Low-touch on social between visits is a key strategy.

Race Sport Lighting Partners with YOU on Social Media

We Create On-Brand Content One of the ways we extend our marketing department to yours is by creating engaging content for Facebook and Instagram. Many of our dealers share this content with their audience. This is a simple way we can help you get the Race Sport Lighting story in front of your customer base.

We Create Tech and Sales Blogs that are designed with the dealer in mind to strengthen their understanding of the category. But they also make great knowledge leadership post for your social media. These are easy tools that you don’t have to create yourself.

We Create Product Application Pictures and Videos on cool rides. When shared on social media they create buzz. I’d also recommend tagging us in your build’s pictures and videos. We will share and like the posts.

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