Race Sport Lighting Patented Solar Roof Cab Light System – No Wires, No Holes, No Drilling  

RINGWOOD, IL – 4/22/22 

Race Sport Lighting is pleased to announce the release of its new patented and innovative Solar Roof Cab Light System shipping to Retail locations soon. No Wire, No Holes, No Drilling involved! This Product was first previewed by Race Sport Lighting during the SEMA 2021 Show, and their sales and marketing team has been showing off the prototype at trade shows everywhere this year with an overwhelming popular response. Thousands of pre-orders are already awaiting the official shipping of this product to their store locations nationwide. This amazing new product is made in an ISO 9000 factory right here in the USA. 

This USPTO patented technology is revolutionary, it is completely run by solar and vibrations sensors and requires no wiring or drilling of holes into the roof of the vehicle. Many shops avoid customer requests to sell and/or install cab lights because of the high risk or liability involved into drilling into a customer’s brand new truck. This innovative product allows all dealers to now add Cab Roof Lights to their list of products they sell or install and eliminates the complex installation and liability concerns that traditional wired version have. For shops that already do the old wire version cab roof lights systems, their techs typically take 4-6 hours to do these jobs, or all day basically. With Race Sport Lightings New Solar cab light systems, their techs can have the system installed in 30-minutes and move on to other jobs or products on that vehicle. 

“This is one of the most exciting single products launches our company has ever had. The patented solar cab light technology is such a unique solution to a major problem in the marketplace. Our team has had the 1st prototype on the company vehicle for the last 2 years and it has very successfully gone through two Chicago winters and working strong today. The quality and performance make this one of the best roof cab light systems on the marketplace” – Steve Jergensen, President of Race Sport Lighting 

The Part number for the Solar Cab Light System is #1007472 and it is only available in amber color right now. Race Sport Lighting will be releasing the white LED version late in the summer of 2022 under the same patent. The 1007472 system starts shipping very soon in May to distributors and retailers nationwide. Pre-orders are being accepted for this product right now. To learn more about this system, please watch this In The Garage video from the partners at Total Truck Centers – https://youtu.be/K-PhYTKLBw8 

About Race Sport Lighting  

Race Sport Lighting is the leading manufacturer of LED and HID lighting technology in North America, and serves the 12-Volt, Truck Accessory, Powersports, Motorcycle, Marine, and RV industries primarily. Founded in 2007, Race Sport Lighting is going on its 15th year leading the way as the Pioneer for the lighting category. They offer the highest quality lighting products to the industry and back it up with award winning customer service and tech support. This reputation has earned this SEMA Member the position of Preferred Lighting Vendor for AutoGear, AAM Group, MESA, Tint World franchises, and Restylers International just to name a few in the industry.  

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