Starting Lineup – Terminator™ LED Headlights and Direct Replacements

First of all, the goal of this training is to equip you with the product stories necessary to be able to sell core Race Sport® Lighting products, but also arm you with the knowledge to overcome objections and make that lighting sale. In this video, we will breakdown the features and benefits of the Race Sport® Lighting Terminator™ LED headlights and interior and exterior LED replacement bulbs.

Terminator™ LED Headlight Kits

Terminator LEd

We start by looking at the Terminator™ LED headlight kits. The Terminator’s are plug and play on most vehicles, making them an excellent choice for installers. Their low profile design, ease of use, and pocket-friendly price point make them the best value on the market.

The Focus Cup

Terminator LEd

Now let’s look at the Terminator’s unique features, starting with the focus cup. The focus cup is designed to narrow the projection beam, helping to eliminate glare to oncoming traffic. This focus cup surrounds the high-powered set of ZES LEDs, which together deliver 2,000 Lux of light output, meaning your customer can be confident that they will receive two to three times more usable light output, offering increased visibility, shorter stopping distance, and improved driver safety.

6063 Aircraft Aluminum Frame

Next, the Terminator™ LED chips and focus cup assembly are mounted to a solid piece of 6063 aircraft grade aluminum. This aluminum frame is engulfed by a fan-less heatsink technology for superior heat dissipation. As a result, your customer doesn’t need to worry about the defects and repeat issues due to corrosion or poor durability that he might find with a different kit.

Fanless Heatsink

Terminator LEd

Furthermore, the Terminator™ LED’s fanless base is designed with a low mounting depth to make for an easier install where space is limited, such as a shallow housing, or behind seal caps.

Plug and Play Driverless Install

Terminator LEd

Also, most noteworthy, the driverless Terminator™ is plug and play by design for a quick, simple installation.
Note that for Mopar and late model vehicles the customer may need an additional decoder ran in line. (There’s an entire RSU™ course about Automotive Headlight Technology that covers decoders.)

Two Year Warranty

Finally, due to the excellent performance of the Terminator™ LED kit, we now back this bad boy with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Terminator™ Interior and Exterior LED Replacement Bulbs

Terminator LEd

The second member of the Terminator™ family we want to discuss is the Terminator High Performance direct interior and exterior LED replacement bulbs. Race Sport® Lighting’s Terminator™ LED replacement bulbs are 2 times brighter than your current OEM halogen turn signals, reverse, and dome lights.

Projector Maximizes Light Output

Terminator LEd

Each bulb is equipped with multiple forward firing LEDs amplified by a projector lens to maximize light output, meaning increased visibility to other vehicles on the road to keep you safe.

All Standard Sizes Available

Also, Terminator™ LED replacements are available in all standard interior and exterior bulb sizes for a quick upgrade with luxurious results.

One Year Warranty

Finally, we backed them with our minimum one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Stock Terminator™ LED Headlights and Replacement Bulbs

Race Sport Lighting’s Terminator™ LED headlight kits are plug and play on most vehicles, making them an excellent choice for installers. They’re low profile design, ease of use and pocket-friendly price point, make them the best value on the market. Click the button to stock the Terminator Series.

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