8 Top Sellers You Should Be Carrying

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8 Top Sellers You NEED to Carry

A very common question that we here at Race Sport Lighting get a lot is what products are top sellers and what we would recommend to stock. Whether you are new to the Race Sport Lighting family and are making an opening order, or you are a lighting veteran and want to stay ahead of the game, this Top 10 Category list is right for you!

1. Generation 3 LED Conversion Kits

Our Generation 3 LED Kits have the latest in LED technology on the market. Made with a pure copper core and equipped with a slim fan and a 360 degree tri-LED design for Bi-Xenon setups, this LED kit is the best with heat dispersion on the market. Available in all of the most common bulb bases, these kits practically sell themselves and fly off the shelf.

2. Gen 6 CANBUS HID Kits

We cannot have a top sellers countdown without our flagship kit. This is our “Solve All” top of the line HID kit. The ballast has a built in RF Modulation System that eliminates all radio interference you may experience. Also, it has error light prevention circuitry for the problematic vehicles that may throw an error code upon installation of HIDs. Equipped with a slim, weatherproof design coming with a Lifetime warranty, this is the HID kit that professionals use.

3. Lithium Power Jump Packs

Jump packs are a great addition to stock for any type of business that has anything to do with a battery. From Powersports to Semi trucks, our wide variety of jump packs are practical for any customer base. Our jump pack kits also include a spider cable that charges most phones. The higher end kits also include adapters to charge laptops and other mobile devices. So, whether you want to charge your phone or jump start a big rig, these are right for anyone.

4. Street Series LED Light Bars

The Street Series light bars are our consumer level light bar that fit the needs of just about everybody. Coming with an IP68 rating, these bars can withstand even the most intense elements. These bars range from 8” to 50” and are made with a durable aluminum casing to protect it from whatever may happen while still maintaining the lightweight design.

5. Heavy Duty Series LED Light Bars

Race Sport Lighting’s heavy duty light bar series is just that, HEAVY DUTY. Equipped with our standard IP68 rating and a super-efficient LED driver, these are the professional light bars. Sizes range from 4”-50”, and come with upgraded optics to drastically improve light projection. We offer a lifetime warranty for these bars because we know they will outlast the competition, guaranteed. The Heavy Duty Series literally sets the BAR for light bars in the lighting industry.

6. ECO-LIGHT Series LED Light Bars

The ECO-LIGHT bars are our entry level light bar specifically for your price sensitive customer base. These are positioned in the market to compete with the online retailers while still maintaining Race Sport Lighting’s quality. These bars passed our vigorous testing that every other product we have goes through, no exceptions.

7. LED Replacement Bulbs

Race Sport Lighting offers universal LED replacement bulbs for turn signals, map light, dome lights etc. We offer every common bulb base and color option available. These interior and exterior lights are a hot seller especially on counter space at the point of sale.

8. LED Strip Lighting

Whether you want to add some custom exterior accent lighting to your show car or put some illumination in your truck’s interior LED strip lighting is a great way to go. The reels are available up to 16ft. They come in solid color and RGB with remote control. If you are a Race Sport Lighting authorized dealer or distributor you must get these in.