Training: The Marketing Tool Everyone Forgets


Training: The Marketing Tool Everyone Forgets

If you want to be successful with the lighting category you need to get back to basics. Basics like sales force marketing. What is that? Well it’s our clever way of saying that your sale force represents the brands you sell to your customer base. It’s our way of saying that they tell the story of the product to the end user.

They can’t accomplish this unless they possess product knowledge. (Basics remember!) This is the most important skill a sales man must have because from it flows many other traits. An equipped sale man will always get results!

Three Traits Product Knowledge Produces:

1) Confidence- Product knowledge leads to your sales force having the confidence to engage customers. When you believe in your product, you can influence a customer to believe how your product is going to solve their problem.

2) Excitement- Product knowledge ignites the passion for a product line in your sales force. Customers want the sales team to be experts, “geeking out” passionate experts! Customers relate to that “geek” because they statistically have already researched the product category they are interested in, before they step foot into your shop. So, when that “geek” meets your “geek” it results in them liking and trusting your “geek.” Which we all know, produces sales.

3) Honesty-  Product knowledge produces honesty in your sales force. Honesty is important so they can recommend what to buy and what not to buy to meet your customer’s needs.

Race Sport Lighting Partners with YOU to Train Your Sales Force

Race Sport Lighting has turn-key category specific training available for our dealers and distributing partners. We have PDF and Power Point files available for download that increase product knowledge in your team and sales in your books! Webinars and on site training are also available. See examples below:

Power Sports Products Training

Basics of LED Training

If you want more info on this available FREE value added service, please register here or contact us:

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