ColorADAPT™ RSUKIT LED Underbody Kit Upgraded Retail Package

LED Underbody RSUKIT

New Swagger Who Dis?

The popular ColorADAPT™ LED underbody kit has a brand new upgraded retail package. We (the humans of Race Sport® Lighting) could not wait to share this with you. The RSUKIT has always been a top seller and one of many of our dealer’s favorite automotive lighting products. Now, with it’s new attractive look, it will display better on retail shelves. Check out this awesome gallery.

What Our Dealers Say About the ColorADAPT™ RSUKIT

Also, for universal type things the ColorADAPT® underbody lighting, and the wheel light kits. I mean, they just really dress up just a number of different vehicles.

Kim Trainer
Car-Tunes, Inc.

But for us really, the categories of the RSUKIT, RSIKIT, the RSBHT01 Bluetooth RGB controllers through the Happy Lighting app, the light bars, just really the whole run of the gamut has skyrocketed.

Travis Grimm
Freeman’s Car Stereo

Get to Know the ColorADAPT™ RSUKIT

The Latest in Multi-color LED Technology

Firstly, Race Sport® lighting’s ColorADAPT™ family of products boasts the absolute latest and multi-color LED lighting technology. The RSUKIT utilizes ColorADAPT™ multi-color 5050 micro LEDs for a stronger, more refined wide angle light projection with an almost endless array of vibrant colors, which means more glow for a bolder statement.

IP67 Rated

Also, The RSUKIT underbody kit is IP67 rated. Construction starts with a high end 5050 RGB diode strip encased in a durable aluminum channel and is sealed with weatherproof silicone.

All the Color and Pattern Options. All of them.

Furthermore, The RSUKIT ColorADAPT™ control box partners with multi-function remotes allowing for color and pattern selection. Selections includes dimmer and speed control as well as strobe, fade, flash, and music cycles. Plus, the ColorADAPT™ RSUKIT remembers your settings which means no more wasting time cycling options to reset your preferred look.

The kit contains:

  • (2) Four foot led bars and (2) three foot led bars
  • (4) Ten foot extension cables which feature click-in connectors for a painless install.
  • ColorADAPT™ LED Control Module
  • Wallet sized panel style remote control
  • Key fob style remote control
  • Optional car charger power adapter for a quick plug and play possibility.
  • Pack of fuse tap adapters
  • Mounting hardware
  • One Year Warranty

Additional Info

Lastly, Race Sport® Lighting’s ColorADAPT™ family of products delivers to you the boldest color presentation, the smoothest color transitions and patterns, as well as the most complete mounting and wiring options to make the easiest all possible. You can find more info about the RSUKIT and the entire ColorADAPT™ series at