“We The People” Tribute Silverado Build with Brian “Gambler” Rowe

We the people tribute silverado

Race Sport® Lighting is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Brian “Gambler” Rowe, owner of the “We The People” Tribute Silverado, to add a complete lighting package on his build. Stay tuned to this blog for frequent updates as we get this bad boy outfitted.

“We The People” Tribute Silverado

Brian Rowe, owner of the “We the People” Tribute Silverado, comments about the build:

Race Sport® Lighting: This is a great project and we are excited to be a part of it. That being said, what inspired you to build a tribute vehicle honoring our military and first responders?

Brian: Respect. These men and women lay down their lives for us everyday. When I look at the media, I see a ton of disrespect. It weighs on me. I have a lot of friends who serve in one way or another and I wanted to boldly support them publicly. This was my radical idea about how to accomplish that.

Let’s be clear, I’m not doing this for the attention. We want the attention to go where it’s deserved and thats for the men and women who serve.

Brian Rowe
Owner “We The People” Tribute Silverado

Race Sport® Lighting: After the build is complete, what are your plans for the truck moving forward?

Brian: Well first, it is a mobile billboard of respect and hope. We also plan on being in many events, parades, magazines, etc. We also want to take it around to local police stations, military families, moose lodges etc, as a sign of respect and encouragement. If anyone is interested in having us at their event, they can messages us on our new Facebook page.

“Race Sport® Lighting is very honored, to be a part of the “We the People” Tribute Silverado build, on behalf of our military and law enforcement. When I was sent the pictures and saw the wrap from Sticker Dude for the 1st time, I said “We need to be a part of that and support our troops and police force.” Brian Rowe is a huge patriot, and we are excited to load his “We the People” Tribute Silverado with our professional grade products. It’s going to be phenomenal!”

Steve Jergensen
Race Sport® Lighting

“We the People” Tribute Silverado’s Lighting Package

Here is a quick breakdown of what Race Sport® Lighting is going onto “We the People” Tribute Silverado truck. Basically, this build got all the lights. All of them.

  • RSSBKIT60 LoPro™ Running Board LED Switchback Kit
  • RS8PRGBW ColorSMART™ Multi-color RGB LED Rock Light Kits
  • RSWWKIT ColorADAPT™ Multi-color LED Wheel Well Kit, re-purposed to illuminate behind the grill
  • 9005CARBG DemonEYE™ Multi-color RGB LED Headlight Kit
  • 5202TLED Terminator™ LED Headlight Kit for Fog Lights
  • RS120060 60″ Triple-row LED Tailgate Light Bar
  • RS3020BSP StrobePRO™ White-Amber Surface Mount Strobes
  • RS12RGB ColorADAPT™ 12 Multi-color LED Pod Kit utilized as RGB interior accent lighting
  • Blast Series Extreme Output Direct LED Replacements for dome, map, and reverse lights
  • RS-SRWRAP-140 Single Row Wrap LED Light Bar Mounted Behind the Grill
  • RSCSSSK Dual Function Side Shooting Cube Kit with Strobing Amber Function
  • RS3157SBWA No-Rapid-Flash CANBUS Switchback Amber/White LED Turn Signals

Build Day Four Photo Gallery

Build day Three Photo Gallery

Build Day Two Photo Gallery

Build Day One Photo Gallery

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Stay Tuned for More Updates!

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