What’s Hot in Lighting for 2018 – Dont miss the Boat


The most common question Race Sport Lighting fields every year is “What is new and exciting for this year”.

As a 12 year old company in the lighting category, it has been fun and exciting  to release and launch hundreds of new products over the years that have been highly profitable to resellers all over North America. Those conversations are usually held one-on-one as we meet individually with each reseller each year.  Today, we are going to share with you several new and exciting products, categories, and focuses for Race Sport Lighting in 2018.


#1 – Dual Function LED Light bars –

While many of our competitors got lost in the light bar craz over the last few years, and many even liquidated what they had to move on, Race Sport Lighting has increased our LED light bar category by releasing a few Multi-Function LED light bars that serve two purposes for on and off road uses. In 2017, RSL released the DRL-HALO Series LED light bar, which flaunted white low power Day Time Running light halos that could be used on-road, and the 10-watt CREE optics on hold for off-road use. In 2018, Race Sport Lighting is releasing their brand new LoPro Series Ultra Slim LED Light bars. This on road/off-road light bars will brag an amber legal low power driving light taking the place of roof mount marker lights, and then the extremely bright and high power diodes on hold at the flip of a switch  for the off road need. We also have a full line of cubes and flush mount auxiliary lights to match the light bars. Some of our cubes can do running light, turn signal, and fog light. Our reverse models do brake lights and reverse lighting.

#2 – Professional Grade HID Conversion kits –

Our GEN4 HID kits have changed many retailers minds about this category in the last 3 years, and have turned them back on to making money in this category. Our sales reps approached hundreds upon hundreds of dealers that were scared of HID headlights due to cheap versions, lack of support, lack of interface ability to newer vehicles and so on. We did a good enough job to get them off the cheap stuff they were buying and introduce them to a major solution that Race Sport Lighting offered to them. Well, we made it even better in 2018 with our GEN6  HID Conversion Kits. These proprietary headlight conversion kits brag all the quality of the GEN4, but with additional canbus features that allow this GEN6 kit to be installed on 99% of vehicles on the road plug n play, and without the need for additional interface harnesses. Sales Manager Brandon Kurth says, “We continue to see an increasing pattern of dealers of the last 2-3 years that are leaving cheap HID technology, and realizing that they can actually make more money and satisfy customers 100% with paying more money for kits such as the GEN4 and now the GEN6 technologies that only Race Sport Lighting Offers.


#3 – LED Headlight conversion kits –

The market is flooded with cheap LED headlight kits, and almost of our competitors didn’t learn from the downward spiral that happened with HID technology to the rat race to zero. Race Sport Lighting like everything is taking a different direction with our GEN3 LED Headlight kit, which is literally the best quality and performance kit on the market. Using RSL proprietary design, this is the only LED headlight kit on the market that uses PURE copper core heat dissipation to move the heat generated from todays hi power diode technology away from the diodes, and vent it away. Also, our 3-sided and perfectly angled CREE diodes cast out the perfect projection out of most lenses on todays vehicles. 2,750 “LUX” of light output out of the lens is the industries highest, and allows for max down the road performance. We recently launched out Fan-less Terminator Series LED kit as well, which tested like a champion in our test lab, and has an aggressive and profitable price point for any resellers geographical markets.

#4 – RGB Multicolor Products –

This is by far our hottest category and focus going into 2018, with our 2017 success of ColorADAPT products, and our continuing evolution of our ColorSMART products going into 2018.We have integrated this RGB Multi-color and multi-function use into our led underbody kits, wheel well kits, motorcycle kits, interior kits, headlights, strips, and more..


These represent the 4 hottest categories and trends for 2018 and year coming, but you can view more of our hot categories by hitting the Best Sellers tab at the top banner of our website www.RaceSportInc.com. We alway keep the TOP 200 skus loaded for you to stay on top of new opportunities.


We also see a growing demand and trend for Chasing light technology, which we are developing for you right now. Stay tuned into our blog site and social media to make sure you are always tuned into what new technology is coming available to you.


If you were starting off with Race Sport Lighting, you would hit a Grand Slam with a stock mix of the products and categories above. If you are currently a Race Sport Lighting reseller, then you need to make sure you have these hot new products in the barn today.