How to Install an LED Wheel Light Kit

LED Wheel Light Kit Install Video

A Race Sport Lighting LED Wheel Light Kit is eye catching upgrade to anyone’s ride. The question we get asked a lot by dealers is “how hard is the install?” Well, below you will find a 4 minute long install video, install instructions, and three things to remember. Our certified product specialist and experience head tech Marc Hill will demonstrate how easy the install process is on these kits.

Install Instructions

Wheel Light KitWheel Light Kit Wheel Light Kit

Things to Remember

  1. Use stainless steel rivets
  2. Mount the control box somewhere accessible
  3. Get the right size kit for the rims you have:
    1. 17-20″ rims use the 14″ kit
    2. 22-24″ rims use the 15 .5″ kit
    3. 26″ and up rims use the 17″ kit
    4. Vehicles with 19-20″ wheels that have performance or big brake kits should use 15.5″ kits
    5. Vehicles with 22″+ wheels that have performance or big brake kits should use 17″ kits

About the Product

• Kit contains:
• 4 separate wheel light rings
• 5ft Red/Black wire, connectors, and zip ties
• Inline fuse holder w/ fuse
• 40ft RGB wiring
• On/Off Switch
• Wiring Diagram & Installation Instructions
• Each ring has a single strip of IP68 rated LEDs
• Rings mount to dust shield, keeping them out of the way of moving parts and safe from heat
• 1 Year Warranty

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